Buster Keaton Film Music

Ingenious creative score writing for silent movies to bring them to life
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The General

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Set in Georgia at the outbreak of the ‘American Civil War’, ‘The General’ tells the story of Johnnie Gray – railroad engineer. Johnnie has two loves his fiancée Annabelle and his locomotive ‘The General’. Upon hearing the news of the Unionist bombardment of Fort Sumter, he immediately rushes to enlist in the Confederate Army but is deemed more useful as an engineer – something they don’t actually tell him! He is ostracised by Annabelle and her family and she vows that she will not speak to him until he is in uniform.

A year passes and Annabelle boards ‘The General’ to visit her wounded father. Whilst there, the Unionists hijack the train, taking Annabelle hostage. Johnnie gives chase, alerting the army who all clamber on board another train – ‘The Texas’. However, the carriages are not hooked up to the engine.

Johnnie is left single-handed, reliant only on his wits. He must secure the return of ‘The General’, rescue his beloved Annabelle and ultimately defeat the entire Unionist Army.

Steamboat Bill Jr

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Set in the heart of Mississippi, Steamboat Bill Jr, tells the story of two riverboat rivals – JJ King, a pompous, ambitious stalwart of the establishment and Bill Sn – a graceless, baccy chewing giant of a man, reminiscent of a cross between Steptoe, Rigsby and Blakey.

Bill eagerly awaits the arrival of his son Bill Jr who he hasn’t seen since he was a lad. He anticipates a strapping youth that will help him revive his failing steamboat business but his hopes are shattered when his son turns out to be an East Coast fop – complete with pencil moustache, beret and an absurd ukulele. As if things couldn’t get any worse, star crossed love comes in to play as Jr falls for Kitty, King’s daughter. Chaos ensues. Sr is sent to prison and an apocalyptic cyclone engulfs the whole area. Jr finally steps up to the mark, rescues his drowning father and his beloved Kitty and saves the day

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